به تمامی دوستانی که در زمینه ux فعالیت و مطالعه دارند ، پیشنهاد میکنم از تمامی فعالیت هایی که در زمینه تجربه کاربری در ایران در حال رخ دادن هست مطلع بشید و آنها رو دنبال کنید . جامعه کاربری یک حرکت هست و ما همه یک واحد هستیم . پس بیاید به همدیگه کمک کنیم تا  جامعه تجربه کاربری ایران هر روز بزرگتر و بهتر بشه . از فعالیت هایی که دارین حمایت می کنه ، برای اطلاع رسانی کارگاه ها،کتاب ها ، نشست ها به سامان وحدت  😎👌پیام بدین .

من همیشه گفتم و باز هم می گم : شروع هر حرکت جدیدی هیجان انگیز است .آن را دوست می  دارم . و  از دوستان جدید استقبال می کنم . و پیشنهاد می کنم حمایت از همدیگرو یک حرکت اخلاق و یک اصل در زندگی قرار بدیم .

به قول محمد علی کلی :  “Me, we ”


I heard him once talking to the Harvard senior class commencement .
He gave this extraordinary speech, you know he was dyslexic, and he would look at a paper and say,
“What does this word mean?” I’d say, “Appendicitis.” He’d say, “How d’you get a word like appendicitis? It’s so long.”
Here he was delivering a lecture, senior class day with these 1,000, 2,000 Harvard graduates, and…he had these little cards
in front of him. He gave this wonderful speech about he hadn’t had the opportunity but they had and they should use that
to make the world a better place. It was moving and funny, and a great roar of appreciation at the end.

Then someone shouted out, “Give us a poem!” And everybody quieted down. Now, the shortest poem according to Bartlett’s Quotations is called “On the Antiquity of Microbes”
and the poem is “Adam had ’em.” Pretty short. But Muhammad Ali’s poem was “Me, we.” Two words. I wrote Bartlett’s Quotations
and I said, “Look, that’s shorter.” It stands for something more than the poem itself. “Me, we.” What a fighter he was. And what a man.

ما باشیم 😎
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